The unbearable lightness of vendor bloating…

It’s been a busy year so far! Let’s see… My kid is almost 1 year old and that’s where most of my spare time gets sucked into. At the office, we’ve finally launched the new version, so if you’re around the UK or ROI enjoy your movie session. I’ve also been catching up on my reading (if only I started paying attention to Mr. Skeet anytime sooner) and finally, I’ve decided to take the Scrum Master certification course, which will happen by the end of this week.

Busy days indeed…

That’s why I hate wasting time. Especially cleaning up the laptop on account of that major mess called Superfish from Lenovo. When I first read about it, I reacted with disbelief, but when I later confirmed that I was actually one of the victims… my jaw dropped. I ended up doing a clean install following this great tutorial!

Typewriter and cofee

The bottom line is, manufacturers sell their computers loaded with bloatware, that affects performance, the user experience and even compromises sensitive data along the way! The performance perception you get from a notebook, filled with those wonderful bits of code is depressing. Only one of the parts seems to benefit from this… But honestly I think they’re taking it too lightly! Even Microsoft. Ask these users how they feel and you’ll get something like: OMG! Why is Windows soooo slow!!!! But in some cases (most?) this has nothing to do with the OS.

Back in 2012 someone decided to solve this with the signature edition program and it’s not surprising that opinions differ, ranging from ridiculous to a real solution to the problem. I stand on the disappointed side of the line, as this should be the norm and not something that’s considered a premium service! Microsoft shoots itself in the foot once again. Look at Apple: their norm is a flawless end-user experience and it pays off! They price it as premium… no wait, as a luxury product and at that point I hold the applause! But there’s one thing I cannot point my finger at: they’re consistent and focused in the entire supply chain!

My question is: when can we get this kind on experience on our PCs? Out-of-the box top performance without needing to spend hours scouring forums and blog tutorials just to get the machine ready to work with? I’ve been doing this since I can remember, but now it seems I’m just wasting my time!

Lenovo has recently made a statement in the right direction. It was the only logical move considering what happened, but we still need to wait and see. Will others follow? Fingers crossed!


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